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2016 charity – “Tree”, Nino Surguladze recognized

Nino Surguladze

.                                 2016 charity - The Desire Tree, Nino Surguladze recognized. [caption id="attachment_1147" align="alignnone" width="960"] Nino Surguladze awareded for her "Desire tree"[/caption] News agency GHN- organized people and companies - the "Golden Parchment" Award for the philanthropist, the winner of world opera singer Nino Surguladze based charitable foundation - the Wishing Tree. Nino Surguladze International Charitable Foundation "natvis tree" was founded in 2014. The foundation collected donations...

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New Year charity concert – Nino Surguladze and friends

desire tree

[caption id="attachment_1143" align="alignnone" width="828"] Nino Surguladze for Desire Tree[/caption] Nino Surguladze Foundation “Tree” and “SOCAR” with the hope of the Philharmonic Hall on December 28 at 21:30 on New Year’s presents charity concert – Nino Surguladze and friends. Cast: For the first time in Georgia, a group of Corsican “sartene” Francesco taskaiali recognized genius, A talented pianist and showman Oliver Poole, Scotland PAD Di Piper, Le Diva’s Italian group, The Women’s Chamber Choir, Ensembles: Rustavi, Basiani, Georgian Voices, Nino Surguladze,...

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